Chile, Please

Here’s another message to shake things up.

I don’t know what it is about 2016, but like a toxic lover, this year approached us with confidence, gazed passionately into the eyes of our hopefulness, and did everything to break us. We were built for this though, that’s why you’re here in this moment enjoying in this post. Congrats on making it this far, but you have so much more ahead of you! The best it yet to come!

We have hit the official season of temporary encouragement and unstable optimism. You know, the  New Year, New Me campaign. People will tantalize you with 2017 Resolutions and New Year Challenges. Chile, please—Run, Skip, Bankhead bounce away from it. Don’t fall prey to those things. Of course you should list out some goals, but as 2017 approaches set a stable foundation for your expectations.

Here’s something new and practical.

FOCUS ON THIS: As you list your goal, put into perspective the FEELINGS you want to get out of them. Concentrate on how you feel currently, and how you want to feel. For example:
Goals                                                                 Feeling

  • Lose 10lbs                            I Want to Feel Sexy/Attractive/Healthy
  • Increase Income              I Want to Feel Financially Stable/Comfortable
  • Loving Relationship         I Want to Feel Loved/ Like I Have a Partner

This exercise is handy because once you are aware of how you want to feel, your radar for foolishness becomes hyper-sensitive—and you’ll dodge some bullets.

I’m keeping you all in prayer. Be sure to forward to a friend and send them some encouragement. Love you Family!