The Death of your Destiny.

If you are anything like me, then everything has to be right or it ain’t right. Right? I need all the correct resources and my edges have to be laid like I do my burdens before I can step out on the scene and showcase my talent. Maybe you have been envisioning going back to school, or starting that non-profit organization, writing up the business plan, sending that important email or making that phone call …some of you may have even completed your vision board. Everything is in place except…the money…the website…the extra pounds…something…something is missing and you just can’t put yourself out there until all the missing pieces are together. Chile Please.

Perfectionism is Failure wrapped up in Procrastination.

Perfectionism is a passively aggressive way to say PROCRASTINATION and PROCRASTINATION is a dressed up way to say FAILING. Failing to trust my instincts. Failing to move on my level. Failing to put myself out there. Failing to be great. I have identified three setbacks in my own life that I’m sure many of you will identify with. Remember, once you can identify a problem by name, you can remove it before it takes root.

The real reason why I procrastinate is because I’m afraid of two things. 1. I’m often afraid things will go wrong and I come out looking like a fool. or 2. I’m also afraid things will go right and I end up in over my head you know having Wine-like visions with Beer-like capabilities. The two probabilities are scary as hell to me…but I know they are figments of my insecurities.

Everything in you is telling you that your idea is great and can actually work. You’re on  fire. You want to tell anyone who will listen what you plan on doing and how this is going to change lives. You have your theme song racing as you think away. My Pastor and Spiritual Father  once said “Your plans are only ideas until you write them down and strategize.”Admittingly, I am a visionary…idea engineer…I  legit should be a multi-billionaire by now—but there is always that but. What if it doesn’t work? What if someone else is doing it? We really have to monitor the doubters that come from within and without. We have to shut our logical selves up every now and then. We also need to shut down those people who might not always get it. Yes, that may even include the besties, and your family. Everyone is not meant to get it. The most important thing is to remember if you can dream it up you can live it out. Say it: If it is to be, it’s up to me.

Your size does matter. I don’t mean how big or small you physically are…I mean the size of your Faith. The size of your confidence. Why settle for mustard seed sized faith??
The more you believe you can, the more you can. There is something about having confidence not just in yourself…but confidence in a God who made you perfectly imperfect. A God that knew you would have setbacks but engineered your life so amazingly that those mishaps would be used intentionally for your growth and purpose. Have confidence in the greater work that’s within you which will maximize all your dreams and hopes when you finally decide to bring them into fruition.

We don’t have to do it perfectly, but we do have to do it. Someone once said that the wealthiest place on earth is the cemetery because so many go to the grave with the ideas they were given. Don’t be that guy. Give birth to your destiny with all it’s imperfections.