Look, I get it.

You grew up with her and have been tight since the 6th grade…He was there for you in your lowest moments…If it weren’t for the “bestie” you don’t know how you would’ve made it through…

I hear you! I HEAR YOU!

What I am about to share with you in the next few sentences may interrupt your Kumbaya mindset, and I make no apologies for it! It’s time to assess your circle, and do it objectively.  It’s pretty natural to stay “loyal” to people who came through for you and helped you out through the foggy times, but there comes a moment where you have to be more loyal to yourself than anyone else. I recently shared a post on my Facebook that read “Look through your call log. If 33% of the people you last spoke to need to “get it together” in over 33% of the areas in their lives, chances are YOU DO TOO.”-Shani Curry St.Vil  of Purse Empowerment.

My agenda is not for you to cut people off without an explanation and go Stacy Dash on your folks, but my goal is to interrupt your insane patterns and shake your world up towards personal, professional, and spiritual progression. It’s time to put people on pause. It’s time to end the negative and pessimistic conversations. It’s time to do away with the toxic relationships that hold you back towards changing, evolving, and growing. (Yes, I know they all mean the same thing)

Who’s in your circle? Are the people talking about making things happen, actually in motion? Do the people you surround yourself with build your dreams or break them?

You have to learn how to start distancing people who are nowhere near the playing field of your dreams. The greatest Teacher of all time, Jesus, knew when to put distance between Him and the people in His circle. He knew when to play them close, and He knew when to set Himself apart. We all need that kind of wisdom.Shani told me something I want to share with you all. Take a mental note. 33% of the people you surround yourself with should be smarter than you. 33% should be on your level. 33% should be the people you serve. Now I know 33×3=99…and I honestly have no idea what that other 1% is dedicated to…but, maybe that’s the time you should keep to yourself. Seems low, but that 1% percent might be as significant as 100% depending on how you spend it. That was deep.

Anyway, if you don’t understand anything from this post…use this as your take away…Keep Your Circle Tight, Keep Your Circle Right!

*KissKiss and a peace sign*