I always take a moment on a daily basis to measure my performance. It’s a self-evaluation that I enforce on myself which I have deemed as the HHC Analysis. HHC stands for Heart and Head Check. I had an epiphany and here is what I found…

Most of us are afraid to confront who we are; The insecurities, the bad habits, the horrible character traits. We would rather blame anything and anyone before accepting responsibilities for who we are and what we do. This mentality is detrimental to your growth as a human being, spiritual being, and professional being. Self-evaluation is a necessity on the quest to prosperity and abundance. Successful people are accountable.

If you pay attention to these tips. I guarantee you will rapidly manifest the greatness within you.

Lack of Direction

How can you be trusted with a driver license if you haven’t earned your driving permit? If the state wouldn’t qualify you, why would God trust you to be elevated from one position to the next when you haven’t mastered where you are? He wouldn’t. Are you planning out your day thoroughly, your week or your month—let alone your year?? How can a GPS guide you from one destination to the next if you haven’t been clear about where you actually want to go? This is how it works. You have to know what you want, and you have to want it passionately. Passion leads to strategies and ideas that get you the results you truly desire.   

When you understand where you are going it is highly unlikely for you to take detours. Think of detours as distractions along the way. The passion lends to being laser-focused on who you are and what your goals are. You will be so aware of everything that you are doing and are affiliated with that distractions will be a nuisance. Things and people who waste your time will literally be annoying. That’s exactly what you want.

Lack of Consistency

Repetition is essential. We have to hammer away at our goals even if we can not see the immediate fruits of our labor. If you’re anything like me than you can be impatient when your greatest idea of all time (so you believe) does not produce the results at the time you expected. Every idea, dream, goal and vision has an appointed time to become evident if the details are put into place. When something manifests, it only means that it becomes apparent, perceptible, visual. The achievement that we are pursuing already exists, it is only waiting for your work and your mindset to come into alignment. Many of us have the mindset but no consistent measure of work to show for it or vice versa. Get to the point where you start on a project and instead of quitting along to way—you adjust.

Lack of Identity

This may be the most important of them all. Who are you and why do you do what you do? Self-awareness will eclipse over the slightest thought of comparing yourself to anyone. We are all as unique as the clouds in the sky. Clouds. They all take in different shapes and sizes yet share the same sky and serve the same purpose. That’s like you and me. The President elect would never be found certain places and sharing the same space with certain people. So why do you, an heir and heiress to God associate yourselves with people who are not on the scope of your destiny? It’s due to a lack of knowing who you are and WHOSE you are. When you understand that you aren’t just anybody—you would dress like it, speak like, and magnetically pull all the people and resources who serve you and your purpose. Assess the people around you and the people you associate yourself with. Check your call log and even the people you follow on social media. What are they doing? What purpose do they serve? What are you spending money on? What are you watching on TV and Youtube or Netflix? Where your treasure is, that is where you will find your heart.

Until next time.


xoxo-Kisha P-A-Y-E-N