“It’s a form of pride in reversal or better yet, alternative confidence.”

I’m a confident woman but sometimes…just sometimes—I am my own worst critic. A self-hater is what I call it. There are moments where I focus more on my lows rather than my highs; picking apart all the minor details of my life’s movement. It seems to me the only time I truly celebrate myself or give the credit due my name is when I am on defense mode, when someone threatens my position or questions my ability . It’s a form of pride in reversal or better yet, alternative confidence. That structure is detrimental to my faith and definitely a buzz-kill to the hopes of my destiny.

“Seeing opportunity in the obstacles”

I know that I am not the only one walking through this dark fog of pessimism at times. Admit it. We all have our moments. Some more than others. I have found that a few of my colleagues often see the glass as empty instead of seeing opportunity in the obstacles. Most transitioning entrepreneurs and mega-millennials like myself are moving quickly and we rarely ever take a moment to pause and say to ourselves “well done”. We jump from one accomplishment to the next or override moments of failure because dealing with it would sink us into a deep depression. Facts.

“Celebrate who you are right now in this moment”

So what’s  the solution? The answer is to Treat Yo’self. If treating yourself means to affirm yourself, go out to eat, pay for VIP seats at the conference, put an extra amount in your savings, or increase your budget allowance…do it and do you. Celebrate who you are right now in this moment. Whether you are a student, dropping fries, mopping floors, assisting, bossing up or whatever. Celebrate your process because there is purpose in it. Maybe you are a visual person in that case renew your resume and see what you’ve accomplished since you last left off. The point is to clear your mind, take a look in the mirror and genuinely feel good about you.

I wrote this article to remind you that you are doing good even when it’s looking bad.

You are a survivor.

You are more than enough.

The world needs you.

Put a smile on your face and take a deep breath with your amazing self, and remember in the midst of all the craziness and haziness…TREAT YO’SELF!

With Love, Light and Laughter

Kisha Payen