I assure you this article is not click bait. I believe I have found the keys to actually love the job you hate. If you are feeling burned out and unfulfilled, Kisha is here to the rescue. I got what you need. The “S” is on my chest. I am your superwoman…I am your knight and shi-…ok…you get it… In 3 simple concepts, I will cause a paradigm shift pertaining to your work, your job, and  your career. Once you let this sink in…share it! #Keys

  1. Use Your Imagination

    Your imagination is not confined to time or space. So begin with the future tense. I don’t mean to close your eyes, click your heels and wish you were home. That’s a temporary fix. Trust me, I’ve tried.   Once you realize that there is more to your life than what is before you, you will operate with intention. You will realize how important it is to have an objective or vision for your life. Maybe you’re like me and after graduation instead working that dream job, you worked minimum wage— clocking in less than 20 hours per week. It’s brutal to our ego. It hurts. Once I accepted that where I’m at doesn’t define where I am going, clocking in wasn’t as horrible as it seemed. But I know using your imagination or having vision is not enough to love your job or to keep you going. That’s why there are two more steps. Keep reading.

  2. Take Advantage

    Many people don’t see their job as the training ground to their destiny. You can be mopping floors, fetching coffee, stuffing bags, dropping fries—whatever stage you are in now is the process to your purpose. The job is your practice arena. In step one you have already identified the more to your life, but now step two you get to exercise your failures, frustrations, and accomplishments. This is the way to get to your ultimate goal and  figure out what to do when you finally arrive. It is up to you to recognize that the coworkers who talk against you now  are practice-run haters. When you finally reach a level of influence the rumors won’t sting as much. When you have to work at a lower grade than what you went to school for, you’ll know what it means to serve—which is at the heart of every life purpose. There are a million in one examples I can share, but what are you learning now will prepare you for the future. Any great athlete can tell you the training before the win is bittersweet, but when you have the goal in mind you’re more than willing to endure for what’s ahead.

  3. Recognize the Investment

    Once upon a time not long ago, I was a temp…a serial temp. I was seriously addicted to jumping from one job to the next. Since I didn’t believe I was fulfilling my purpose in life, I decided not to commit to anything beneath my standard. When I found a local temp agency, it was majestic. I didn’t have to force any interactions (I hate small talk and you’re basically ignored as a temp), I didn’t go through any stupid read my life interviews,  Aaaand I was paid weekly??? Sign.Me.Up. That really was my mindset. Of course financially it was a struggle and it included many sacrifices, but because I was learning the first two steps I began working on my first business. I would take one week’s check to pay my bills, and the next pay period I used to fund my business; license, business cards, etc. If your mind is right, you’ll treat your job as your primary investor. Once the vision is complete, and the training is full throttle, take your paycheck and invest 10-20 percent on your vision. If you’re an aspiring singer, pay for studio time or better yet vocal lessons. Whatever it is, save part of your income to invest in your step one vision.

Your joy is really a matter of perspective. As a man thinks so is he. Once I started to realize the value of my job, the way I felt about it no matter how stressed or unfulfilled I felt, I reminded myself not only was the position temporary but it was necessary. By no means should you stay somewhere and feel stuck, but it is imperative to make every move your best move. You do that by thinking of your objective in life. From your objective, you can determine how to get to your goal. Once those two are in alignment, you can function with precision until you can finally say “I have arrived”. It’s a mixture of awareness, gratitude, and vision.

If you really feel like quitting, do so for a better opportunity not to escape a process. The process will meet you wherever you go. The processing is inevitable. It’s not worth it to skip through life. Take a deep breath, and get your life together.

With Love, Light and Laughter.

Be Intentional.

Kisha P.