Sometimes life comes crashing down on you with no remorse. There is one travesty after the next with no breathing space in between. Other people’s issues become your problem, your “Nos” are mistaken for “Sure—ok”, or you’re being voluntold to do things and your life is seemingly dictated by everyone but you. Life at the moment simply sucks, but there is a way to remain unbothered in the crashing waves of life. You can keep your head above water. You can float without sinking. You can have peace in the midst of a storm. Here’s how.

Build a Bridge

That’s right. Get over it. Bad things happen. Foul situations and horrible people sometimes run smash into our lives. You can either let the situation paralyze you or propel you into your destiny. Sometimes we choose to have selective memory and wipe away bits and pieces of our past because it easier to forget than to forgive or move forward. To act as if what is happening isn’t happening is a temporary fix. You have to see the situation for what it is and accept it. Know that the circumstance does not define who you are, but it defines you. Those particular details give you your unique quality and your personalized history. It’s what makes you, you. Now the vehicle chosen to express who you are; your character, your attitude, your decisions in the face of difficulty—is ultimately up to you. You will either choose to rise high or sink extremely low. Make the right decision towards your legacy. First step is deciding to move past your past. One method that helps is to make an audible choice: “I’m letting this go. I am moving forward. Greater is ahead. I won’t let this stop me.” Say it like you mean it, and then say it until you believe it.

Make a Plan

Once you let go of the paralyzing memories or situation, you have to start making intentional decisions. What do you want out of life? What do you want in your finances? Relationships? Health? Family? Many of us think about it, talk about it, but never really get to the point of planning it out. My pastor once said “Until you write it down, it remains an idea.” People are filled with brilliant ideas that never come to fruition because they haven’t mapped it out. You may not know where to get all the resources, but life has a miraculous way of bringing us the right people, bringing us to the right places, and sending us the right thing once we are prepared. Sometimes the preparation is you writing as if you had no obstacles in your way. Write down what you want, write down how you want it, write down how you plan on getting it and write down how soon you’ll get it. That my friend is setting a goal. Don’t be that guy who is buried with a world changing idea.

Keep it Moving

Believe it or not, to keep it moving is usually the hard part. You’ve built a bridge over the past, you’ve made out the plan…now it’s time for the wait. Season after season, you’re waiting for your time to come. It seems like everything is happening for everyone else but you. This is often the lonely place. This is often the eery quiet place. In this moment, you’ll probably give up more times than two—you may even try to run away and disown your destiny. After all is said and done, continue to wait, but also keep it moving. In other words, remain active.Be prepared to walk through the doors you asked to be opened. Be proactive. Do the best you can do when you can do it. Sometimes that will be crying yourself to sleep, or screaming at the top of your lungs as you’re driving on the highway. Do what you must, but always keep it moving. Whatever one thing you can do towards your goal—working out, writing a sentence, making a phone call, writing an email—do it. No matter how insignificant the detail is, commit to yourself, commit to your future. I guarantee you, as everything may seem like it’s falling apart, you’ll soon realize that you held it together.

Remember, your life is bigger than you. The world is counting on you to make it to the finish line. You’ve got this even when you don’t.

Meet you at the top.

With Love, Light, and Laughter.

Kisha P.