Letter to Myself

I wish I could record myself perpetually to remind you of how amazing you really are. Buried deep in your heart are the lies you tried not to believe; no one wants you, you’re not good enough, it’s your fault, you deserved it.

Someway those arrows pierced you anyway, no matter how strong those walls of defense stood. Your past does not dictate your destiny.

Life may not be what you want it to be right now,  but each new day brings renewed hope to the surface. You’re alive to tell your story, so keep living because with each breath you take it’s an opportunity to bring the corpse around you to life. You have the power of resurrection with your words, with your touch, with your life. Someone is waiting to hear you. Someone needs you to speak, so speak up.

Speak words that uplift you, words that affirm you, words that encourage you. Speak into your life, and as you do for yourself the vibrations will transfer to those around you. If you are reading this, it’s because you are not broken no matter how shattered you may be. Every piece of you can be renewed. Every inch of you can turn into something good. It’s not over yet because the best is yet to come.


With Love, Light, and Laughter

Kisha P.