This is a self-confrontational post. These words, and the passion behind it is what everyone needs to realize at some point in life. Let it slap you around emotionally, disregard your opinions, and push you into a momentum that will begin changing your bad habits, lame excuses, and laziness. You probably won’t agree with me because sometimes a lie is sweeter than the truth. But hopefully you get it.


We ALL have exactly what we planned for. We have  what we prepared for. We have what we risked for. We have what we jumped for. A leap of faith doesn’t come without preparing for the fall.  Life all boils down to fatih.

Without faith you can’t please yourself, your community, and let alone God. We are what we are and we are where we are because we did just enough. Life becomes amazing only when we reach the point of resistance (doing ALL that you can) and then allow supernatural and divine intervention to move us along the remainder of the way.

Resistance is detrimental to any revolution. We need to work with the obstacles that we face and not against it. Resistance on any level is bad.

Resisting to take a step.

Resisting power.

Resisting responsibility.

Don’t ever think the people who genuinely love will always be the one who will root for you to win. It’s nothing personal. Keep in mind your vision is often clear enough for you to see and usually big enough for your faith alone to believe.


Figure out what you want and change your position to get there. You have enough skill, experience, talent, and favor to move forward and get ahead….once you decide you want to.

We all have a duty, a responsibility to put in the work. Get uncomfortable. Be determined. Get it done.

It’s that simple…and yet complicated.

With Love, Light, and Laughter.

Kisha P.