The truth is incorruptible. It reigns over any reality that you are a part of and directs what flows in and out of your life.

Too many times we have taken on a truth that is superimposed from an outside source and consequently, we adapt to the nature of a lie. Any fact outside the boundaries of the truth is a lie. Before we were formed in our mother’s womb there was a truth spoken of our lives. There was a truth put into the atmosphere about us and for us, but simultaneously a lie was planted in the same atmosphere.

The truth is we were given beauty for ashes.

The lie? You aren’t pretty enough. Skinny enough. Tall enough. Short enough. Big enough. A word was spoken to change our perspective in order to have us focus on a lie.

The truth is that the world needs you at your fullest.

The lie? You don’t have what it takes. You are not talented enough. You are not good enough.

Because the truth is incorruptible, the lie is determined to put you at a disadvantage by making your reality seem like a truth when it isn’t. Anything outside the boundary of the truth is a lie.

Your daily assignment is to monitor the source of your thought patterns. Your goal is to always superimpose the truth onto every lie spoken about you and to you. Better yet, uproot everything you don’t want to believe. All the words that you no longer want to identify with, replace them with the words that build you, promote you, encourage you, and enlighten you.

It’s about time we start speaking the truth over ourselves and not lending a hand to our verbal enemies. You have life in the words you speak and through your sound waves are the atoms that force what ever reality you face to conform to the words you believe. In other words, they shape your reality.

I challenge you to write down every truth you currently believe, and if it isn’t something you would tell your 6-year-old self, then change the message. You future will appreciate the shift.

With Love, Light and Laughter,

Kisha P.  (P.S.—-Tips and T.E.A is taking place on November 11, 2017, email to pre-register)