It’s the age most people approach with extreme caution. With only a couple of days left of me being 29 years old (September 3rd marks my 30th year on earth) I began to wonder where the anxiousness is.

Usually, I would be questioning my life at this point—have I done enough? Have I accomplished all my goals? Why am I not a billionaire yet? What’s next? But I’m not. I’m at peace and I look forward to what this year will bring with boldness.

The other night though, I had a full breakdown because I just felt like so much was on my plate—but those were the things I asked for. With a quick prayer I realized—-EVERYTHING IS OK. Sure, I don’t possess all the things I want, and no I’m not exactly where I want to be. I am however blessed beyond measure. No cliche there.

I think back to my journal entries and I’m amazed at how many hurdles I’ve jumped, difficulties I’ve overcome, losses that turned into gain, and dreams that have come true. I’m thankful for them all—both good and bad. It hasn’t been easy to come to this perspective.

You may be face to face with the age of crossover—still waiting—still wishing—still wanting. Don’t give up. Show up—and on the days you absolutely can’t….take a nap. Trust me, naps enable you to refocus.

Jesus didn’t get into His full ministry on earth until 30 years old. Live and let live. RE-to-the-mother-lovin-LAX. You will get there, We will get there. Step-by-step.

Your victories come in the little things and then later manifest into something major. You won’t feel good all the time, but feelings come and go. Let the moment shape you. Allow the days to bring you new lessons and renewed hope. 

Count the small steps you take because they matter. Embrace the imperfections. Face all the hardships head-on, and learn from mistakes that you make and also from the mistakes of the people around you. If you can avoid it, avoid it. Some pills are easier to swallow in someone else’s mouth. Just Sayin’.

Cousins, We have right now. The decisions you make in it will lead to your blessings later on. Always choose gratitude. Always choose peace.

With Love, Light, and Laughter

Your Favorite Cousin,

Kisha P.