I watched as the trees surrounding my house viscously swayed under the weight of the rushing winds. The visual reminded me of a demented scene of Dancing with the Stars. As I stared out the window from a long distance, I could see the poise of some of the trees as the storm made haste. I stared in admiration. I even opened my door just to take a quick look without the veil of window blinds imposing on the simplicity that I found so profound.

I was literally blown away. Well, almost. A quick reality check brought me to the realization that my arms were not strong enough to hold the door—not even slightly open.

There was one tree in particular that had me captivated. All the leaves surrounded the tree at its roots, but none the lest it remained standing. As the forceful wind blew against it, the tree swayed, rocked but it remained as is; unmoved at its core. I wondered how many hurricanes this tree overcame. I wondered how many winds it encountered threatening to remove it from its foundation. How many times had an element come to strip it of its beauty? How many times did it have to lose only to regrow?

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Metaphorically, the visual made me consider my own life and the storms I have had to overcome. I thought about all the losses and trials I have endured, and also my testimonies. Hurricane Irma reminded me that even though the winds may whirl and try to knock me down, it’s only a matter of time before I bloom again, in full glory.

The storm has to pass and the sun will shine again. In the midst of chaos, crisis, and panic—Peace, Be still.  There is a God who reigns in every season. There is a God who is always present in the time of trouble. We survived the storm, and we will always survive the storm. Declare it, Believe it, and Stand firm.

With Love, Light, and Laughter

Kisha P.